Jack McKown

Jack has lived abroad, lived aboard, and lived abruptly! He's currently residing in Austin, TX and works as a composer for media. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in music composition, and is seeking a Masters from Berklee College of Music, planning to graduate in July 2022.

Neapolitan Slurry – a dirge for ice cream -for piano & cello


Wide Open Media Promotional

Excerpt from Mirth, mvmt. 1 – of crowbars, neanderthals, and bliss

TV Scifi Drama Opener, “Disturbances”

The Great Chalk Circle (– of Doom, yo)

Rhythmika – Quirky and Asymmetrical Funky Clarinet

Sneaky Excerpt from mvmt. 1 – of crowbars, neanderthals, and bliss

Some Goodbyes Just Hurt Forever

In the Abbey

Jack McKown —Composer — Musician — Artist—