Jack McKown

Jack has lived abroad, lived aboard, and lived abruptly! He's currently residing in Austin, TX and works as a composer for media. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in music composition, and is seeking a Masters from Berklee College of Music, planning to graduate in July 2022.

The Dinner – Short film by Lexie Shamir

Directed by: Lexie Shamir Produced by: Release Date: (May 2023) IMDb link    

2 Newly Scored Short Films Ready for Festival Circuit

2 Newly Scored Shorts head to Festival 12 Jan 2023 “Love in the Evening” by Alexandra Savu and “The Dinner” by Lexie Shamir will both be hitting the festival circuit this summer! Stay tuned to find out when and where you can see these films being screened!

Neapolitan Slurry – a dirge for ice cream -for piano & cello


Wide Open Media Promotional

Excerpt from Mirth, mvmt. 1 – of crowbars, neanderthals, and bliss

TV Scifi Drama Opener, “Disturbances”

The Great Chalk Circle (– of Doom, yo)

Rhythmika – Quirky and Asymmetrical Funky Clarinet

Sneaky Excerpt from mvmt. 1 – of crowbars, neanderthals, and bliss

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