Jack McKown, a native Texan, is a seeker of adventure, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a passion for discovery. With a diverse background and a wealth of life experiences, he has honed his wisdom and emotional intelligence, which he considers his most valuable asset when it comes to composing music.


Born and raised in Texas, Jack’s love for music ignited at a young age when he received his first walkman. Despite the signs pointing him towards a musical path, he initially veered away from it, but the call of music remained steadfast. Throughout his life, Jack actively engaged in various musical endeavors, whether it was singing for the San Antonio Chamber Choir, participating in community theater shows, playing instruments in church choirs or orchestras, or enchanting diners with his piano jazz performances at the prestigious Brandywine Restaurant in the British Virgin Islands. It was only in recent years that he wholeheartedly embraced the idea of pursuing music as a full-time career.


Jack’s journey has encompassed a wide array of experiences. He has served as the First Mate on an 84′ Ketch Sailing Yacht in the charter circuit of the Northern Caribbean, tended to boats and managed facilities at a beach resort, and even established the Northern Caribbean’s first Rum Bar. His professional endeavors have spanned multiple industries, including technology, manufacturing, and the service sector. From working for Apple to managing quality in a manufacturing setting, from waiting tables and tending bar to stage managing at one of San Antonio’s prominent auditoriums, Jack has consistently seen entertainment and customer satisfaction as intertwined concepts.


However, it was during his tenure as a music teacher at the Montessori School in Tortola that Jack’s eyes were opened to his true calling. His infectious passion for music inspired the students, who excelled under his tutelage. As he built a roster of private students and explored potential teaching positions at the local community college, a devastating event shattered the tranquility of his paradise. Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful storms on record, tore through Tortola, leaving destruction in its wake. Jack, along with his mother and beloved cat Vincent, were evacuated to Puerto Rico by the Red Cross, forever changed by the experience.


In the aftermath of the storm, Jack found solace and opportunity in the concept of a silver lining. Returning to civilization, he pursued academia and earned his Master’s degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music. This pivotal moment propelled him into a new career in media scoring, combining his musical expertise with a deep appreciation for visual storytelling.


Jack McKown’s life journey has been one of resilience, exploration, and a relentless pursuit of his passions. With a wealth of experiences and an unwavering dedication to his craft, he continues to create music that resonates with audiences, reflecting his remarkable journey and the profound impact it has had on his art.

Jack McKown —Composer — Musician — Artist—