concert music

What you will find below are selections from various compositions by Jack McKown, ranging from solo studies and small chamber ensemble works to full symphonic masterpieces for orchestra, and fully electronic scores.

Here you can explore recent releases, discover convert repertoire, peruse scores available for study or rental, and begin the process of commissioning a new work.

concert repertoire

Below, use the filters to narrow your search find a piece for a certain ensemble, length, or mood, or keep scrolling for the albums and performances section, where you will see what others have been performing, or find recordings to stream or download from your. favorite music providers.

Concert Repertoire


The Weight of These Things

dur 10:51 solo voice (bar.), piano, cello.

Childish Miniatures

dur 08:25 1Piano extended notation

The Holy Family Triptych

dur 06:20 SATB

Spangled: An Anthem for a Nation in Crisis

dur: 02:30 TTTTBBBB mens chorus

of Crowbars, Neanderthals, and bliss.

dur 27:40 full orchestra +saxes+piano

Breakfast Serial

dur 02:06 1Cl.1Bsn.2Vln.1Vla.1Vlc.1Marimba


dur: 07:35 1Fl.1Ob.1Cl.1Hn.1Bsn

score perusals / rentals

Interested in studying or performing Jack McKown’s music? Whether you’re a conductor preparing for a performance or a musician seeking new repertoire, feel free to look through the pieces available above. The first 2 pages of each piece are available online as PDF documents (see individual piece pages). If you would like a full PDF, or to rent physical copies of scores and/or parts, please contact me here.


Learn about commissioning new works from Jack McKown.

Collaborate directly with the composer to create a unique composition tailored to your ensemble, event, or special occasion. Commissioning opportunities range from orchestral commissions to chamber music and beyond, providing a chance to contribute to the future of contemporary classical music.

For inquiries regarding scores, performances, or commissioning, please contact us. Explore the world of Jack McKown’s concert music or film music and engage with captivating compositions that inspire audiences and musicians alike.