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Film scoring is all about creating music that resonates with your project… Each film has a unique narrative and emotional tone, and as an experienced composer, I will collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, storyline, and characters. I would rather you speak to me in terms of drama and action, and what role you need the music to play than ask for something specific. Whether you need a grand orchestral piece, a minimalist ambient score, or anything in between, I will craft music that enhances the audience’s emotional connection with the characters, and elevates the impact your film will have.

Throughout the process, we’ll provide drafts, synced to picture on a platform that allows you to give feedback right there, in the timeline, so that revisions are quick and painless. We want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the music, and that it aligns perfectly with your creative direction. Our goal is to deliver a custom score that elevates the artistic value of the film, allows audiences to easily connect emotionally to the story, and just sounds cool!

Sound Design

One of the great things about being a musician is the ability to find music in every bang, smash, clatter, pop, and zing you hear. Some call it noise, but it’s the music in the cacophony that makes us know we are on the side of a highway, or in a diner, or sitting by a pond in the countryside. Sound immerses audiences in the world of your story like no other aspect, and unfortunately it is often put off to last minute or left to feel the pains of tightened budgets. We like to begin working with directors and producers as early as possible so we can truly craft masterpieces for their projects. We excel in creating and manipulating audio elements to enhance storytelling and evoke specific emotions. Whether it’s crafting futuristic sound effects for a sci-fi project, designing realistic environments for virtual reality experiences, or adding depth to character interactions in games, expertise will bring your project to life.

We use a blend of industry-standard tools and techniques and cutting edge and experimental technologies to ensure that every sound detail is precisely crafted and integrated seamlessly into your project’s audio landscape, and sounds like something no one has ever heard before.


Transform your musical ideas into polished productions with our comprehensive music production services. I can assist you at any stage of the creative process – from developing initial concepts to refining existing tracks. Whether you’re a solo artist, band, or composer, I’ll help you achieve professional-quality recordings that capture your unique style and vision.

Production services encompass recording, arranging, instrumentation, MIDI programming, orchestration, editing, and post-production: all aimed at delivering a final product that exceeds your expectations.

mixing and mastering

Achieve studio-quality sound with our expert mixing and mastering services. I will carefully balance every element of your audio – from vocals and instruments to effects and ambience – to achieve clarity, depth, and coherence. Whether it’s a single track, album, podcast, or film soundtrack, I can optimize the audio for various playback systems to ensure a consistent and impactful listening experience.

My goal is to enhance the great aspects and sonic characteristics of your recordings while preserving your artistic vision for the track.

audio editing

Precision is key in audio editorial work, and I excel at meticulous editing and arrangement. Whether you need dialogue cleanup, seamless transitions, or complex audio manipulation, I can ensure that every edit is transparent, and enhances the overall quality of your project. From podcasts and voiceovers to film dialogue and music edits, we handle each project with care and attention to detail.

I utilize cutting-edge software and techniques to deliver audio that meets professional standards and surpasses your expectations.

audio restoration

Preserve and revitalize old or damaged audio recordings with our specialized restoration services. Whether you have archival footage, historic recordings, or personal tapes that require enhancement, we’ll remove noise, repair imperfections, and restore clarity without compromising the authenticity of the original material. Our restoration process aims to breathe new life into audio assets, making them suitable for modern distribution and enjoyment.

I approach each restoration project with sensitivity and respect for the historical or sentimental value of the audio content, and attempt to bring back the vitality and freshness of the real thing in every project. Check out some before and afters here.

No matter the scope or complexity of your audio project, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet your creative vision and technical requirements. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and let’s embark on a journey to create outstanding audio experiences together. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your artistic goals through the power of sound.