“The Stars at Night” (scheduled release in 2023) is a gripping documentary exploring the connection between humanity’s observance of celestial bodies, mythology, storytelling, and our very wellbeing. What is happening to our night sky through the abundance of artificial sky-glow across the globe? Artificial light has all but blocked out our ability to see the Milky Way, our home galaxy, from many places on Earth. Our ancestors had deep connections with this image in the night sky, and is the basis of many myths from cultures across the planet. With the recent loss of our ability to see it, what are the ramifications of humanity’s disconnection from the galaxy that birthed our planet and thus us? Explore these topics and more with us, as we delve into the very core of what makes us human.
“The Dinner” by Lexie Shamir (festivals in the 2023 season cycle) is set to be one of this year’s standout short horror films. The talented director and producer Lexie Shamir has assembled a stellar cast, crew and post-production team, and will be releasing trailers and more info in January.
Jack McKown —Composer — Musician — Artist—