Logo Video Intro

Motion graphic created with  Motion, blender, and Photoshop.

Splashing Cube

https://youtu.be/6DKPkekeotg A motion graphic created with blender, with 3D elements interacting with pre-recorded video images.

Splashing Planar Sphere

https://youtu.be/vIBkR3iSwCE A motion graphic created with blender, utilizing geometry nodes.

Screen Track/Replacement

http://jackmckown.com/storage/2024/05/alexa.mov The animation was created using Apple Motion and the audio-waveform analysis behavior modifier, and then screen replacement and motion tracking was done in blender. 

Lemoncello Media Logo

http://jackmckown.com/storage/2024/05/LemonCello-Media.mov This motion graphic was created using blender. First the model was created, then procedural textures for the lemon peel, fret board, and metallic pieces were applied, as well as the woodgrain on “Lemoncello Media.” The animation was then timed out and recorded by a single camera position.