Demos for Betty


As we haven’t discussed budgets I’ve included a variety of fully live orchestra to fully in-the-box production, which would be at two ends of the spectrum in terms of costs.

1. This piece I think fits your interest in the Mychael Danna / Life of Pi style that you mentioned. This piece was recorded with a hybrid of live musicians and samples.

2. This piece is a completely in the box orchestral cue, which would be effective for lower budgets, but not quite as emotionally rich as the live musicians are capable of producing.

3. This I’ve included to showcase some of the synthesized instruments I was thinking for certain aspects of the vastness of the cosmos, etc. The piece itself I don’t think would be entirely appropriate, but some of the building blocks I think you might like.

4. This piece is a little long, but it shows some emotional development throughout the cue, which will give you a sense of where my emotional sensibilities lie.

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