The Holy Family Tryptich - SSAATTBB
   i. Pater Omnipotens - 2:24
   ii. Ave Maria - 3:12
   iii. Agnus Dei - 1:28

an anthem for a nation in crisis

Chamber Ensembles

Triumph - woodwind 5-tet

Breakfast Serial - String 4-tet w/ Clarinet,
Bassoon, and Marimba

Musical Theater

The Same Kind of Broken
from the musical “Drawn”


Symphony #1 in A - of crowbars neanderthals and bliss  i. Mirth
 ii. Truth
 iii. Depth
 iv. Rebirth -- coming soon

Art Song

The Weight of These Things
  A setting of the poetry of Kemp Gregory

i. A Buddhist Prayer v. Psalm b4 sleeping
ii. Simplicity vi. God's Apology
iii. Chicken Reflections vii. Applying for Ordinatoin
iv. Slight Song in Bed viii. Another Trip to the Dentist


Automotive Industry Commercial
Cinematic Electronic Sample

Scoring for Video

YouTube Scoring for Hype Club
Music only

Advertisement for Local Company
Music only


World Premiere

of Neanderthals, crowbars, and bliss

Are you a musician? Are you feeling a little stir - crazy with nothing to do while we all stay home?

I have a solution for you!

Why not take part in the world premiere of a symphony? Learn some fantastic new music?

Have something to put on your resume
that will be more impressive than “I uploaded 703 hours of tik-tok videos!” If any of that sounds appealing keep on reading...

I began working on this piece in the fall of 2019, and drawing inspiration from some pretty emotionally charged events that had recently happened, I began to slowly chisel this piece out of the marble. If you are interested in the full back story, it will probably be laid out in a blog post at some point, along with how each musical idea was developed from those events.

The instrumentation required is as follows:

(click your instrument to download the part)

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Sax
  • Tenor Sax
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French Horn
  • Marimba
  • Trap Set
  • Piano
  • Harp
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Bass
  • Percussion Including:
  • Gong, Bass Drum, Snare, Suspended Cymbal, and Tubular Bells

Want to have a listen first? No problem. You'll find audio samples of the piece under "Orchestral" section here.


Works in Progress

Of Neanderthals, crowbars, and bliss

Currently, the majority of my compositional time is being spent on piecing together the remaining sections of the second movement of this symphony, and tackling the third movement. Being that it is the finale of the piece, and the first two movements are so epic, and say so much already, it is proving a challenging task to balance the right amount of drama and intrigue with material that has been already introduced to keep audiences interested, but not overly stimulated.

The first movement is nearly polished and ready to ship, the second is approximately 80% written, and the third movement is still in a mostly conceptual stage, and I'm looking to have it completed by the end of this summer. Wish me luck there!

Drawn! the musical.

The other project that has been (for the moment) pushed to a back burner, is the musical, "Drawn" due to the lack of a librettist. If you, or anyone you know would like to write the book and collaborate on this project with Jack, please contact him here.

The basic storyline is intrinsically a modernized retelling of the Pygmalion myth, centered around an animator, Alex, that creates for himself the perfect partner in the form of the animated character Luke, who upon becoming real starts a journey of self-exploration and ultimately realizes he is not gay, and has fallen in love with Alex's best friend Lillian.


Commission a Work

If you are interested in having a piece commissioned, and feel like your group or organization deserves to be included in the list of previous commissioners below, please fill out the following brief form and captcha below.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Trinity University

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